Sister Rose (rose_in_texas) wrote,
Sister Rose

Rosemary Sutcliff and Billy Elliot!

When I was a child, one of my favorite writers was Rosemary Sutcliff -- and thinking back I have no idea what a writer of such adult themes was doing in my junior high school library. Anyway, I was thrilled to learn that one of my favorite books from my still-favorite writer is being made into a movie.

"The Eagle of the Ninth" is being made as "The Eagle" starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, aka Billy Elliot, aka my Much Too Young For Me Movie Boyfriend.

The book is about a Roman centurion who is injured in battle with the savage Brits and acquires a slave named Esca. Through Esca's eyes, the centurion learns to appreciate the culture he had been fighting.

The book's themes are honor and respect entwined with the unlikely friendship between Roman and Brit. Heady stuff for a teenager, and I had certain concerns about how the Hollywood adaptation. But the first movie trailer is out now, and I can see where the story has been changed, but it looks as though the themes are still there as well as some story elements from other Sutcliff books, including "Frontier Wolf" and "The Lantern Bearers."

To sum up: VERY VERY EXCITED AND WILL BE FIRST IN LINE IN 2011. All of you should join me, please!!

(And if you want to read the book first to support Sutcliff's estate, that would be great, too.)
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