Sister Rose (rose_in_texas) wrote,
Sister Rose

Glee -- Lose the 3D

Tonight I went to see the Glee concert movie. And thoughts -- I haz them.

First, I'm no longer putting quotes around Glee, as is proper in AP style for album titles, TV show titles or Broadway productions. Glee is no longer a TV show or a music franchise or even a concert series. It's a theme park, and you don't put quotes around Disneyland.

Second, I completely enjoyed the movie for all the reasons I like the TV show -- the production numbers. It's all that pesky character business in between that I have problems with. And sure enough, the fledgling actors who are now household names aren't quite skilled enough to hold character for an entire concert. There were lots of character breaks.

And I was able to glean these factoids about the real people behind the show.

1) Lea Michele is a bit of a diva, but she and Dianna Agron like each other, as do she and Chris Colfer.
2) Cory Monteith absolutely cannot believe his fan-fucking-tastic good luck and he is enjoying every moment of the ride.
3) The reason we like Kurt is not because of the bitchy queen he has been written -- it's because the inner sweetness of Chris Colfer is shining through.
4) Heather Morris is made of dance. She can't even walk without body flight. Same for Harry Shum.
5) Everybody loves Kevin McHale. They all made unnecessary reasons to touch him as they passed by.
6) Darren Criss is willing to work his fingers, body and soul to the bone to take advantage of every opportunity he gets.
7) I can't help but think that Chord Overstreet found out during the filming of this concert that his part was being reduced. He's a very quiet presence and was mostly overshadowed by everybody else, including all the backup dancers. I still wanted to take him home and feed him milk and cookies before other salacious activities.
8) Mark Salling IS Puckerman.
The movie had no adults in it -- no Mr. Schue, no Coach Sylvester. But what I noticed was the show's appeal to adults. Sure, there were lots of screaming teens of both sexes in the crowd, but what sold me on the movie was when the camera panned across the crowd and stopped on a father, singing along with every word of "Don't Stop Believin'" as his daughter beside him did the same thing. It's the music that's the thing -- and the same song spoke to both of them.

One final thought: 3D added nothing to the show and in fact detracted from the overall experience. Wait to get this one on 2D DVD.

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