Sister Rose (rose_in_texas) wrote,
Sister Rose

The Weather and -- oh, yeah -- Some Fic

So we've been having a little spell of dry heat -- 104 degrees right now with no relief in sight. That means on Saturdays, I'd much rather be indoors rather than outdoors.

And in my free time, I've been watching my "Leverage" DVDs for Season 3. Repetitively. Some might say "obsessively," but I think that's harsh.

Anyway, as I'd rather write than clean house -- Fic! A tag to The Big Bang Job, inspired by Damien Moreau's comment, "The white hat doesn't really suit you but I like the hair."

Season 4 starts Sunday, so read it before it gets Jossed.

ETA: I just went out at 7:30 and did 30 minutes of yard work. I'm sweating like a stuck pig and probably smell just as awesome. It's still 102 degrees. You might get more fic tomorrow so I don't have to go outside then either.
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