Sister Rose (rose_in_texas) wrote,
Sister Rose

All About My Cat

And your cat! And everybody's cat!

But wait, first I must 'splain why I have been incommunicado so long. It appears that a virus has infected and nearly destroyed my computer. I write to you now from a Kinko's because I have such exciting news.

During the holidays, I visited my friend Dawn in St. Louis. She's one of the guardians of a feral cat colony in the inner city. The cats have all been trapped, spayed and released to rejoin their natural feral group. Several neighbors have banded together to feed at specific times.

Because she has been watching the cats for so long, she's a real expert on cat behavior. As an example, she told me that my cat licking me constantly is a form of grooming, not a form of tenderizing the meat and testing it for juicy parts as I originally surmised.

I was so intrigued by the whole process that I insisted she start writing it all down. And SHE MINDED ME. You can follow the exploits of the St. Louis Feral Cat Colony at or at

If you're interested, follow along.

I apologize for the long absence. As soon as my computer tech allows the Dell to be safe for me to return to my home, I'll get caught up on everyone's lovely Chrismukkah fic.
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