Sister Rose (rose_in_texas) wrote,
Sister Rose

Home Again! With More Tales From the Road

It's hard to keep up with online activities when I'm traveling. What has been going on around here?

Here's one story from the road. I was in Columbus, Ohio, and stopped in at a Chinese restaurant that I know from previous visits to be both tasty and cheap. As I was dining on the kind of excellent, authentic moo shu pork that is unavailable in my hometown, the Ohio State football game was on in television in the bar part of the restaurant.

And lemme just digress to say that I connect the letters "OSU" with a neighboring university not known for its intellectual status and seeing people actually cheer for "OSU" is disconcerting at best. Ahem.

My waitress was older. By older I mean possibly as old as my parents, possibly older than them. Her speech patterns made me think she's a first-generation immigrant -- or at least that English is not her first language. She was tiny and proper, wearing an impeccably tailored black pant suit with every hair in place.

Every time she came to my table, she lollygagged her way past the bar, head turned to the TV. As she returned the the kitchen, she did the same thing, head turned sharply to the TV, little attention to the dishes.

Finally, OSU scored. My waitress cheered, clapped her hands and turned to me gleefully, "Did you see that?"

Football: Bringing the oddest of people together in the oddest of ways.
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